Come Work, Learn & Play with the Campus Rockstars!

The Microsoft Academic Team, in partnership with the Microsoft Student Partners, will be throwing an exclusive Christmas Tech Party for MSPhil AcadTeam friends!

This year’s MSAcadPH Community event, entitled, <METAHYPE/> Embedding Students To The Next Web highlights learning sessions on HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 and CSS3.

Get the chance to learn new techie stuff, play Kinect games and bond with the Microsoft Student Partners in a night full of exciting games and interactive activities for all the participants.

So save the date and details:
December 15, 2011, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
16th flr. 6750 Ayala Office Tower, Ayala Ave., Makati City


Here’s how to get a pass for this exclusive event:

1. Play at least 1 of the following IE9 games:

2. Send us a screenshot of your highest score by posting on our wall. Screenshots must include the complete IE9 browser as proof of using IE9. Deadline is on December 14, 2011, 6pm.

3. The highest scorers will receive an event pass and a special Microsoft item from MsPhil AcadTeam.

Limited slots only! So play now and post, post, post! Smile

I shall return!

After becoming a guest speaker to many different schools here in Metro Manila about Microsoft Technology, it’s time to go to my own school and talk! Will be at FEU – East Asia College, Main Bldg. AVR tomorrow from 9 am to 5 pm! Straight session with no break! Get to learn how to develop and use the SDK/API of Microsoft Multipoint, Silverlight, XNA and Windows Phone 7!

I’ll get back with my blog on Day 2 and Day 3 of 7 days of Windows Phone 7 post. Been busy doing talks and seminars with Windows Phone 7.

Don’t forget to visit these useful links in order for you to get started developing your own applications with Windows Phone 7.


Thesis Ideas : August 18, 2010

If I was not a Microsoft Innovation Center intern, I wouldn’t enhance my communication skills, technical skills and presentation skills. I’ve learned a lot of Microsoft technology and was interested and curious in developing applications with the use of a certain technology. Browsing MVP blog’s, community websites, and of course MSDN documentation helped me a lot in achieving and implementing the technology. Most of them are straightforward tutorial and clear explanation. I’ve been fascinated with Multipoint, Silverlight 4.0, Windows Phone 7, and XNA 4.0.

Before the start of second term in my school (FEU -East Asia College), I already planned on sharing these technologies to our junior students who will take up their thesis for the next term. I gave them ideas on what they can develop without having to develop common applications that are already developed in the previous thesis class. With the use of their technology, not only they produced a marketable application but they also produced an up to date technology that maximize the experience of the users when using technology in their daily lives.

Since I have been speaking in schools with these technologies, I already thought of bringing all of these technology in one package in our school and disseminate the current technologies that can be used for their thesis. Continue reading

JPCS – TIP : General Assembly

It’s been a month since I was done with Multipoint technology. The real plan was after Multipoint technology, our next project to be developed should be in Silverlight. Our current breadth developer evangelist Sir Tim introduced to us on what application we can develop using the new features of Silverlight.

Lately, I was bum and I have nothing to do beside staring the laptop. I browsed community sites and MVP blogs for me to keep updated with the technology. I stumbled across with new release of Silverlight 4.0 and Windows Phone 7.

After reading it’s new features and learned how to implement the new features of Silverlight, I was invited to become a guest speaker last August 10, 2010 for my co-national organization, JPCS TIP QC(Junior Philippine Computer Society, Technological Institute of the Philippines). I get the chance to offer them that I could talk Silverlight for their school.

Before starting, I was suppose to use my Microsoft Presenter Mouse to point out the images in my presentation with a laser. Unfortunately, it ran out of battery and I cannot use it so I have to use normal mouse and just give highlight the new features of Silverlight 4.0. Continue reading

Asia Pacific College : E-Nnovation

I was invited to become a guest speaker at the Asia Pacific College, Magallanes last July 29, 2010 for their event titled “E-Nnovation”. It’s been a month since I have been part of a project at the Microsoft Innovation Center and I was doing a project using Multipoint technology. I developed an application which was brainstormed last time by those who are in the Innovation Center and our boss, Ms. Mellie. Currently what was explained in the Multipoint is that most of its use is for the students, teachers and school. But as a research intern, we tried to develop applications using Multipoint that does not focus on education or new pedagogy. As a result, my choice was to develop Feedback application.

First,what is Multipoint technology? That’s what I shared at their event. Quoting from the SDK’s documentation.

“Windows MultiPoint Mouse Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.5 is a free SDK that enables developers to create interactive educational applications, allowing multiple students to use their own mouse on a single PC display.”

Feedback form application developed using Multipoint technology. Event organizers will no longer have to produce lots of feedback forms just to get the attendees feedback and manually read all the input of the audience and generate a report. With multipoint technology, one laptop can serve as their feedback form and will just need to plug in mice for the attendees to answer their questions and the organizers can automatically count and generate a .csv report file.

After giving them a preview on what is multipoint, I was impressed to tutor my audience(DLSU -Batangas and Asia Pacific College) because they were eager to pay attention. After my tutor, I gave them ideas on what other applications they could develop using Multipoint technology and that they could use it in their school since Multipoint technology is not yet a famous technology here in the Philippines, I am pretty sure even their professors are not aware with the technology. Continue reading