Telerik, WPF Rad Controls

I was trying to read books in WPF and reminds me that I haven’t tried implementing a hierarchical data grid in WPF. So I tried to scan an eBook for WPF and went to jump start for WPF controls. Unfortunately for .NET 4.0 it’s not available. Datagrid control is available for WPF 4.0 but how about Hierarchical data in a Datagrid control? You could develop your own control but that’s too much to code.

After hours of searching on the search engine, I still can’t decide on what third party control should I use. After awhile I tried youtube and saw a Telerik MVP posted a tutorial on how easy it is to implement Telerik. It convinced me to try Telerik and currently, i’m downloading the RADControls for WPF.

Will try to learn Telerik’s WPF RAD Controls and will share to you how to implement their controls and it’s features that other third party components don’t have.

I’ll keep you updated with this product for WPF.

Telerik’s site

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