Asia Pacific College : E-Nnovation

I was invited to become a guest speaker at the Asia Pacific College, Magallanes last July 29, 2010 for their event titled “E-Nnovation”. It’s been a month since I have been part of a project at the Microsoft Innovation Center and I was doing a project using Multipoint technology. I developed an application which was brainstormed last time by those who are in the Innovation Center and our boss, Ms. Mellie. Currently what was explained in the Multipoint is that most of its use is for the students, teachers and school. But as a research intern, we tried to develop applications using Multipoint that does not focus on education or new pedagogy. As a result, my choice was to develop Feedback application.

First,what is Multipoint technology? That’s what I shared at their event. Quoting from the SDK’s documentation.

“Windows MultiPoint Mouse Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.5 is a free SDK that enables developers to create interactive educational applications, allowing multiple students to use their own mouse on a single PC display.”

Feedback form application developed using Multipoint technology. Event organizers will no longer have to produce lots of feedback forms just to get the attendees feedback and manually read all the input of the audience and generate a report. With multipoint technology, one laptop can serve as their feedback form and will just need to plug in mice for the attendees to answer their questions and the organizers can automatically count and generate a .csv report file.

After giving them a preview on what is multipoint, I was impressed to tutor my audience(DLSU -Batangas and Asia Pacific College) because they were eager to pay attention. After my tutor, I gave them ideas on what other applications they could develop using Multipoint technology and that they could use it in their school since Multipoint technology is not yet a famous technology here in the Philippines, I am pretty sure even their professors are not aware with the technology.

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(Here’s a snap-shot preview of the feedback form.)

I will be sharing how to develop multipoint on my next post. Thanks Drei Alquiros and the JISA Organization for inviting me to become their guest speaker. Oh and by the way, I was not aware there are a lot of beautiful girls in their school and I got to take a picture with two of the TV Model’s previous game in ABS-CBN’s “Deal or No Deal”. How Lucky is that, aye?

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