Get the Windows Phone 7 look on your desktop

I’m a fan of Windows Phone 7 UI Design. Since Windows Phone 7 is not yet available in the Philippines, why not try getting your Windows Phone 7 look on your desktop?

Windows Phone 7 offers a unique and exciting UI that displays lots of information efficiently on the screen.  And with a simple Rainmeter theme, you can have the same UI and content directly on your Windows 7 desktop.

Turn your Desktop into a Windows Phone 7 lookalike

First, in order to turn your desktop in a Windows Phone  7 lookalike, you need to download some softwares and themes in order to implement the design.

You need to have the free Rainmeter application installed.  If you do not have it installed, download it here (V1.3) and run the setup.  Accept the license agreement, and install it with the default settings.

By default Rainmeter will automatically run when you start your computer.  If you do not want this, you can uncheck the box during the setup. Now with the new version 1.3, after clicking ‘I agree’ next step will ask you what default theme would you like to use for the meantime. You can of course change the themes later.

After installing Rainmeter software, next is to download the Omnimo UI theme for Rainmeter here.  You will need to unzip the folder first.

After unzipping the file, just double click the .rmskin file and it should automatically apply the theme in your Rainmeter application.

When the new theme opens the first time, you will be asked to read the readme, or simply go to the gallery.

When you choose to open the gallery, you will be redirected to a new window and there you can choose to design your current design in your Rainmeter. Change your tile’s color, what gadgets to add, what tiles to add, etc.

And, if you want to add gadgets or change the color scheme, simply click on the + logo on the top.

Finally, a new look in your desktop! You can also have live tiles in your desktop. Whether it’s twitter, flickr, feeds, etc. as long as you provide the necessary details in the options of each tile. Enjoy the live tiles in your desktop!

There you have it! If you can’t wait to get the new Windows phone 7, this is a great way to start experiencing the beauty of the phone UI on your desktop.

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